dimanche 19 décembre 2010

The macbook air superdrive

So...Some month ago, I have added 2 SSD 256GB (Solid State Drive) into my Macbook Pro.

(If you ask me...Yes now it’s a real monster !)...Well sometime, I need the optical drive and puting it mon my MacMini for accessing isn’t very fun.

I thought about purchasing the MacBook Air Superdrive to use it on my Macbook. But...OOB it’s not working...Because Apple has designed it to run it with the MBA and that’s life.

Of course there are some hacks, like...Pushing Alt on startup or even better changing the Bridge of the Superdrive (and that’s what I wanted to do).

So I went to the shop to purchase one and once back home, after removing the case, I noticed that there is no bridge anymore. Indeed... this is the Superdrive 2.0 and not the first one from 2008.

So there is 2 solutions:

-Bring it back to the resseller (saying I wasn’t aware about that) or...

-Modding it.

I have chosen the 2nd option.

Sorry, ATM I don’t find the pics I have taken during the mod, so here is a quick view of the back.


Let’s talk about Amiga games.

There are some incredible games on this computer with incredible music.

I noticed that most of the game I have purchased on the XLA (Xbox Live Arcade), the Playstation Store or the AppStore, are classic games that are coming from computers from the 80’.

If they are making those remakes, it’s because obviously those games were and still good.

Examples of some addictive games : Speedball, Battle Squadron, Pacmania, Deluxe Galaga...etc

Of course you can use WinUAEX on the first xbox and emulate an Amiga. But it still emulation: lot of games will work correctly, some won’t...Toni Wilen said that 1% are still not working. It’s not huge, but if you’re a real Amiga freak, you need the hardware.
That’s also the reason why Toni own a lot of Amiga hardware. Agree ?

So...I was looking for a launcher, but none of the one available (KGload, AGS, iGame...) was doing what I wanted : Quickness, Joystick Selection, and fast loading (No Workbench).

The name of my launcher is «Tiny Launcher». It’s about 60KB and is runing on ECS + AGA (As example AGS doesn’t run on ECS computers).

What else do we need for the best experience ?

We need a great controller. For this, the DualShock 2 is known as one of the best controller and since Paul Willingham did the «PS2 for DB9 computers adapter» it’s usable with the CD32. WOW! You can use it as Mouse emulator, CD32 game pad, classic DB9 pad, it features Rapid-Fire, Auto-Fire, and many more...

One of the coolest thing is that you can remap some keys.

Example : Most of the plateform games on the Amiga use the UP direction to jump :-( : that’s bad.

You can now remap the Up direction to a button on your Dualshock II. WOW !

Can you do this on WinUAEX ?

So I’m talking about the best Amiga Experience in the year of 2010.

My Amiga CD32 also own an Indivision AGA and is connected to the VGA connector of my LCD Screen (It means that the video quality is also better than the Xbox with the 720P RGB cable). There’s also the  Paravision SX1 connected to it with 8MB of RAM to run the biggest games with the PRELOAD function.

Now that you have read all this, you probably want to see it in action:

If you wish to purchase the «PS2 for DB9 computers» adapter, check the end of this video for his email (I don’t put his email here to avoid SPAM):

samedi 18 décembre 2010


What happened to me last week ? The floppy emulator HxC that is installed on my Amiga 600 wasn’t detecting the SD card anymore.

I asked to Jeff_HxC2001 if he had an idea about the issue.

First he asked me to verify the soldering of the SD connector on the HxC, then he asked me to verify the 5V of my PSU.

My PSU was delivering 5,6V which exceed the 5,4V Max voltage of the HxC Board Rev B.

The HxC board can be patched by adding a 1800 ohms resistor between the PIN 1 & 2 of U11.

Instead I decided to check the PSU to see what was going wrong.

For the story, I have refurbished this PSU 2 month ago by replacing all the capacitors.

First, I have checked all the resistors, then I found that a 370uF capacitors changed its value to 550uF.

To prevent damaging the Amiga, I have added a LCD voltmeter inside the PSU so I can check everytime. I choose one with a blue screen (the same as the HxC) and called him: «The HxC Companion».

Here is a short video :

dimanche 12 décembre 2010


Here is the first Teaser of REDGUN by DAMATHA STUDIOS.

Music & Video Edit. by Michael GIBS.

For those of you that wonder “who is Red Gun”, I’ll say, welcome. You don’t know me yet, and I am a man with good manners. Let me tell you something: it`s not who we are, it’s what we do and what we have done. For those of you that know me, you may be here for two different reasons:

«You are looking for blood or justice.»

But for all of you, I have an offer you can’t reject. Come with me, polish your Colt and grab a dozen bullets. Red Gun for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad is my life, a path of death, blood and glory.

Inside, there is no room for mercy. This is not a game kid, here you come to die. Dusty towns full of gunslingers are waiting for you, with their guilty guns ready, look how they shine in the horizon.

samedi 4 décembre 2010


We are going to mod the Video input of the ZX SPECTRUM 48K to use it on your AV Video channel of your brand new TV, so you won’t have to search the signal and you’ll get a better video quality. It’s a very easy mod.

1/ Unmount the motherboard of the ZX SPECTRUM, and remove to top of the RF box.

2/ Locate the resistor which is soldered on the RCA connector. Unsolder it.

3/ Unsolder these 2 wires too. Cut them or put some tape on them to avoir short circuit.

4/ Now solder a wire like this :

It goes from the RCA (where you have unsoldered the resistor) to the top pin you have unsoldered.

That’s all. Put back the RF cover and enjoy your Speccy on your AV channel.

samedi 13 novembre 2010


Red Gun for iPhone iPad iTouch is a shooter on rails that places you in the Wild West during the Gold Rush. You are Red Stanton, know as Red Gun, and your mission will be to clean Bucksin, an empty town now crowded of outlaws.

Red Gun gets inspiration from the kings of the genere, such as Time Crisis (avaiable for iPhone as well) or Virtua Cop.
But you will find in Red Gun many improvements (during the game you can crouch to avoid enemy bullets and to reload, just touching the screen), getting from Apple devices the best they can bring.

Soon on AppStore...
Musics by Michael GIBS

jeudi 11 novembre 2010

Fixing my Commodore C64c

I have 4 days off...I need to finish the tracks for the incoming REDGUN game.

By the way, it’s also a good opportunity to relax (Yes, doing electronic is the good way to relax for me) and try to fix my Commodore 64C.
I want to do that since 15 month.

Today I have received the RAM modules I have ordered on the net.

So I put 5 of them on the sockets I put last weekend and I tried the mainboard connected on the TV screen: Blank screen again ! but nothing was hot anymore.

So I have decided to read some diags on the net...I read a similar story of a guy that had fixed his C64 by changing U27 (74LS08N). Why not, I tried and I failed.

Then I decided to try to swap the Video controller by a working one (as it’s socketed), I have replaced the «6569R5» by the «8565R2»...and also the «8701 4490 22» by the «8701 1386 S» that I took on a REV B board..

No luck...

The 3rd chip which is socketed is the SID...So I haven’t tried...

I have decided to change the 3 RAM modules remaining (even if they were cold).

First I changed one and I did a test : FAILED.

I have decided to remove the two others...

Power on the C64C....1 seconds...Still black...2 seconds...Still black :-(



So I’m pratcally sure that the 5 RAM modules I removed last week were shorted. I’m sure that the 6th module I changed (alone) was also dead, and I’m sure that one the the 2 last modules that I removed were dead too.

lundi 8 novembre 2010

The Last Sun 2010 (Remix By Michael GIBS)

THE LAST SUN is a music composed by Frederic Hahn on AMIGA in 1989 for Ackerlight.
This is my second try remixing this tune. The first atempt was in 2006.
It can be downloaded here on AmigaRemix.Com.

Anecdotes : When I sent this remix to Fred, he says: «It’s so beautiful, call it Official Remix»

Mordi told me that he was also going to remix this tune. I’m not surprised because this tune as also been remixed by Jogeir Liljedahl :-)

dimanche 3 octobre 2010

3 Minutes on Earth (By Michael GIBS)

This track is my contribution for the «Main» demoparty. It was shortlisted among 28 tracks and reach the 8th position in the charts. Download : 3 Minutes On Earth.mp3

lundi 26 juillet 2010



I have recorded some guitars for the track «Electro Dreams» by the talented music artist «SyTeQ»

This music sounds like a rocket.

You can listen to it here : Electro Dreams (guitars by Gibs)

If you want to discover more musics by SyTeQ : http://www.mikseri.net

mardi 29 juin 2010


Here is another cool Amiga Remix that I did. «Classic Tunes» has been composed by Manfred Lizner on Amiga. As usually I haven’t used the original mod to do this.

The Remix:

The Original: