samedi 13 novembre 2010


Red Gun for iPhone iPad iTouch is a shooter on rails that places you in the Wild West during the Gold Rush. You are Red Stanton, know as Red Gun, and your mission will be to clean Bucksin, an empty town now crowded of outlaws.

Red Gun gets inspiration from the kings of the genere, such as Time Crisis (avaiable for iPhone as well) or Virtua Cop.
But you will find in Red Gun many improvements (during the game you can crouch to avoid enemy bullets and to reload, just touching the screen), getting from Apple devices the best they can bring.

Soon on AppStore...
Musics by Michael GIBS

jeudi 11 novembre 2010

Fixing my Commodore C64c

I have 4 days off...I need to finish the tracks for the incoming REDGUN game.

By the way, it’s also a good opportunity to relax (Yes, doing electronic is the good way to relax for me) and try to fix my Commodore 64C.
I want to do that since 15 month.

Today I have received the RAM modules I have ordered on the net.

So I put 5 of them on the sockets I put last weekend and I tried the mainboard connected on the TV screen: Blank screen again ! but nothing was hot anymore.

So I have decided to read some diags on the net...I read a similar story of a guy that had fixed his C64 by changing U27 (74LS08N). Why not, I tried and I failed.

Then I decided to try to swap the Video controller by a working one (as it’s socketed), I have replaced the «6569R5» by the «8565R2»...and also the «8701 4490 22» by the «8701 1386 S» that I took on a REV B board..

No luck...

The 3rd chip which is socketed is the SID...So I haven’t tried...

I have decided to change the 3 RAM modules remaining (even if they were cold).

First I changed one and I did a test : FAILED.

I have decided to remove the two others...

Power on the C64C....1 seconds...Still black...2 seconds...Still black :-(



So I’m pratcally sure that the 5 RAM modules I removed last week were shorted. I’m sure that the 6th module I changed (alone) was also dead, and I’m sure that one the the 2 last modules that I removed were dead too.

lundi 8 novembre 2010

The Last Sun 2010 (Remix By Michael GIBS)

THE LAST SUN is a music composed by Frederic Hahn on AMIGA in 1989 for Ackerlight.
This is my second try remixing this tune. The first atempt was in 2006.
It can be downloaded here on AmigaRemix.Com.

Anecdotes : When I sent this remix to Fred, he says: «It’s so beautiful, call it Official Remix»

Mordi told me that he was also going to remix this tune. I’m not surprised because this tune as also been remixed by Jogeir Liljedahl :-)