jeudi 6 octobre 2011

STEVE JOBS 1955-2011

This is very sad, but as he said: «Stay Angry, stay foolish!». Show must go on.

Dj ASHBA™ : RIP - Steve Jobs was not only a visionary but a true genius. He was one of my biggest inspirations and always will be. God bless him, his family and friends and everyone at Apple Computers. You will truly be missed.

James Michael: i didn't realize that steve jobs passing would hit me so hard. this man defined our generation and changed the world forever. RIP Steve Jobs

Joe Satriani: R.I.P. Steve Jobs. I bet you're busy right now revolutionizing and redesigning the afterlife for all of us to enjoy when our time comes...

paparoach: RIP Steve Jobs. One of the greatest innovators and visionaries, ever.  (10.06.11)

Motorhead: There are many things I’d like to thank Steve Jobs for. Top three? My husband, my job, and my 80 year-old Dad’s love of Apple, that allows him to keep being creative and in touch with me, even though he is 3000 miles away.

RIP, Steve Jobs. You leave this world better than it was when you came into it.

samedi 24 septembre 2011


No it’s not a remake of Duke Nukem Forever, Tiny Launcher is going to be release soon :)

I did this whdload launcher some month ago for my personal use because I was looking for something fast and really simple.Then some people were interested in this launcher but I was unable to release it because the game database was built-in.

jeudi 15 septembre 2011


Because the CBS Colecovision jostick aren’t that good (even more when they are old), I have decided to hack a Sega Genesis Joypad to use with the colecovision, that means with the 2 working buttons.

Here is a picture of my modified SEGA 171-6535A joypad for use with the Coleco.

lundi 22 août 2011


Finaly, I have no luck.

Recently I have purchased a CBS Colecovision (my first console ever).

At the begining It was working. In fact I had just the time to play a Donkey Kong and the Display has started to glitche ending with no display at all.

I have checked the PSU wich was OK.

The first suspect was the Chip video.

The second, the RAM modules.

So I have unsoldered the 8 RAM modules and the chip video.

I have tested the RAM modules on my ZX Spectrum : they were ok.

So I left the RAM on the Speccy, and put the RAM of the speccy inside the Coleco.

I put back the chip video and...

The console starts with some glitches.

The sound is ok and the game works :D At least the display is back :D

Now I have ordered the TMS9929ANL. Let’s wait a couple of days and try again.

Edit : The colecovision is fixed. The VDP was ok.
Most of the RAM modules were dead and there was another issue. I will complete soon.

lundi 1 août 2011


Daft Punk / Derezzed 8bit Chiptune music.

This is not a fuckin mp3 converted into 8bit. This is a real chiptune.

Done on a Commodore Amiga 600 with ABYSS AHX, Mono recording from Paula.

Music size : 2,38 KBytes

mercredi 20 juillet 2011

Macintosh SE/30 Battery SOCKET REPLACEMENT

As you can see on the first picture, the battery socket is rusty and there are trace of leaking...

It’s hard to find those kind of battery and no backup of the time and settings is lame :-/

As far as I know, the battery was a 4,5V and what I would like to try is to put a CR3032 which is a 3,3V...But should be enough.

As you can see there was a little disaster...

On this picture, I have already cleaned the motherboard


dimanche 17 juillet 2011

RSE Music colly #1


Here it is, the RSE MUSIC COLLY #1 released at the Solskogen demo party in the Wild category, in which I did the 1st track which is a C64 remix called «Potwor 3» originaly composed by Longhair.

Enjoy this Windows production :)

jeudi 30 juin 2011

ATARI STe - TOS 2.06

Here is a little mod : Swapping the original 1.62 TOS by the 2.06 (the most stable and compatible TOS).
(Need a soldering iron to change the jumpers position).*

Last version of Atari TOS for the 68000 line.

Many bug fixes.
Atari logo display at boot-up; automatic cold boot memory test;
support for 1.4MB diskettes, 6ms step rate, better media-change detection.
"NewDesk" desktop gains features from Gribnif's NeoDesk, including: definable keyboard shortcuts;
install programs/files/folders as icons on desktop;
install all available drives with one operation;
automatic fitting of icons to window;
configurable desktop and window colours, file and device icons;
single-operation copy/move and rename;
windows scrollable while files selected;
"select all" command;
programs start able with function keys;
bypass program autostart by holding down Control key; enter special characters with Alt-[numeric keypad] combinations;
file search function;
file masks support;
multiple desktop configurations;
directory list printing; unsorted view;
resolution change with Alt-[number];
7 windows allowed;
bring-window-to-top function.
Friendliest and most stable version, but loses compatibility by fixing bugs and changing undocumented features from v1.(0)4 that were used by older software.
Preferred choice for serious ST use. Version 2.05 incorporated features from TOS 3.05 to harmonize the two. AKA "Mega STE TOS".

The original 1.62 TOS is under the Floppy disk.

We will have to change W104 & W102 position.

Note that I have also shorted E06 for ebabling the Floppy High Density Support.

Later we will see what we can do with this thing onboard...

jeudi 16 juin 2011


Check out my lastest Amiga remix here :

Some Feedback:

 Dr Future shouts: Sorry, all I can say is - The usual, very good Gibs stuff. You know how to play!

 daXX shouts: How rock or metal should sound. You got it ;)

 Retro Freaks shouts: Cracking Remake! One of my all time retro favs!

dimanche 13 février 2011



I remember 5 years ago when I have striked  on RKO/Remix64 that I had a rude but well deserved comment about one of my remix of Rob Hubbard...It was something like : «If you don’t know what you’re doing don’t remix the masters».

I always wanted to remix «Goldrunner»...I probably have 3 or 4 attempts on my HDD...

So... In december I started to work on Goldrunner.

First I have discovered this tune on the Atari ST.

And in my opinion is that this tune works better on a shoot’em up than on a platform game.

I wanted to be close to the original, and not to try to make a reggae or a jazz version.

The idea was to feel in space, so the use of electronic intruments was certain.

The other thing I was sure about, I didn’t wanted to overload the tune.

I tried to think «What Rob Hubbard would have done if he had the technology of nowdays ?»

So I had to start to work on a very good drum sound that would cover all the frequencies with the bass. I knew that until I would do a correct drum n’ bass sound, the remix would be a failure.

I have probably spent 1,5 month working on this one until the release.

At the release, it has been reported «some wrong notes» by Dr Future and Mordi.

As I have the Mordi’s email I asked him where the wrong notes were and he replied that they were no dissonant notes, they are just differents at 0’49...

Rob Hubbard himself did something different on The Human Race, Goldrunner and the different version at this point of the tune.

So... is it deserved to rate the remix as «Poor» for this reason ? I don’t know...

What I know is that it’s one of my best remix, I’m really happy with the sound, the progression, and I enjoy to listen to it on my MP3 player.

What is the most important ? to know that you have reach your goal ? or to have good reviews on a tune you’re not happy with ? Believe me, I have no doubt about it.

Some Feedback:

pie vs pie shouts: «A great example of a perfectly paced track starts off all Kraftwerk-esque and just as you begin to wonder where is the trademark shredding bang it kick in. Awsome»

LMan shouts: «Rock solid, straight forward remix.»

Arne shouts: Well done remake of "the human race". The guitar at the end rules. In my opinion this music stands between "very good" and "outstanding"

mardi 11 janvier 2011


As you may know, RED GUN is a game on the iOS plateform in which I did the music soundtrack.

I have just finished the trailer for the promo.

vendredi 7 janvier 2011



Finaly RED GUN the on rail shooter for iOS is available on the AppStore. Price : 0,79€

Red Gun is a video game for iPhone developped by a small team :

Music : MICHAEL GIBS (That’s me)
Voice Actor : JOHN RAYMOND

Voice Technician : ARNAU BLANCH

The goal was to do a «Time Crisis» like better than the one from Namco.

And you know what ? I think we succeed.


01 - Welcome to Bucksin
02 - Red Gun
03 - On the map
04 - My Last Breath

+ «My Name is Red Gun», «Red Gun (Alt)», «No Mercy», «My Colt, my Boots, My Dry Throat», «Road To Hell», «My Last Bullet»...And more.
For the people not understanding why Redgun is not free, I would answer : «Sorry we can’t»

It took us 1 year to achieve that. Some of the guys left their job to work full time on the project.

Software licence’s (SDK, GFX Software, Music Software) aren’t free.

30% of the incomes are going to Apple (and we are not complaining about that).

We can’t do lower than 0,79€ but for this amount, believe me, we are not doing a hold up :)

So I would say, if you want a futur for «Damatha» support Red Gun by purchasing it on the AppStore.

Click here to purchase. Thanks.