dimanche 13 février 2011



I remember 5 years ago when I have striked  on RKO/Remix64 that I had a rude but well deserved comment about one of my remix of Rob Hubbard...It was something like : «If you don’t know what you’re doing don’t remix the masters».

I always wanted to remix «Goldrunner»...I probably have 3 or 4 attempts on my HDD...

So... In december I started to work on Goldrunner.

First I have discovered this tune on the Atari ST.

And in my opinion is that this tune works better on a shoot’em up than on a platform game.

I wanted to be close to the original, and not to try to make a reggae or a jazz version.

The idea was to feel in space, so the use of electronic intruments was certain.

The other thing I was sure about, I didn’t wanted to overload the tune.

I tried to think «What Rob Hubbard would have done if he had the technology of nowdays ?»

So I had to start to work on a very good drum sound that would cover all the frequencies with the bass. I knew that until I would do a correct drum n’ bass sound, the remix would be a failure.

I have probably spent 1,5 month working on this one until the release.

At the release, it has been reported «some wrong notes» by Dr Future and Mordi.

As I have the Mordi’s email I asked him where the wrong notes were and he replied that they were no dissonant notes, they are just differents at 0’49...

Rob Hubbard himself did something different on The Human Race, Goldrunner and the different version at this point of the tune.

So... is it deserved to rate the remix as «Poor» for this reason ? I don’t know...

What I know is that it’s one of my best remix, I’m really happy with the sound, the progression, and I enjoy to listen to it on my MP3 player.

What is the most important ? to know that you have reach your goal ? or to have good reviews on a tune you’re not happy with ? Believe me, I have no doubt about it.

Some Feedback:

pie vs pie shouts: «A great example of a perfectly paced track starts off all Kraftwerk-esque and just as you begin to wonder where is the trademark shredding bang it kick in. Awsome»

LMan shouts: «Rock solid, straight forward remix.»

Arne shouts: Well done remake of "the human race". The guitar at the end rules. In my opinion this music stands between "very good" and "outstanding"