jeudi 30 juin 2011

ATARI STe - TOS 2.06

Here is a little mod : Swapping the original 1.62 TOS by the 2.06 (the most stable and compatible TOS).
(Need a soldering iron to change the jumpers position).*

Last version of Atari TOS for the 68000 line.

Many bug fixes.
Atari logo display at boot-up; automatic cold boot memory test;
support for 1.4MB diskettes, 6ms step rate, better media-change detection.
"NewDesk" desktop gains features from Gribnif's NeoDesk, including: definable keyboard shortcuts;
install programs/files/folders as icons on desktop;
install all available drives with one operation;
automatic fitting of icons to window;
configurable desktop and window colours, file and device icons;
single-operation copy/move and rename;
windows scrollable while files selected;
"select all" command;
programs start able with function keys;
bypass program autostart by holding down Control key; enter special characters with Alt-[numeric keypad] combinations;
file search function;
file masks support;
multiple desktop configurations;
directory list printing; unsorted view;
resolution change with Alt-[number];
7 windows allowed;
bring-window-to-top function.
Friendliest and most stable version, but loses compatibility by fixing bugs and changing undocumented features from v1.(0)4 that were used by older software.
Preferred choice for serious ST use. Version 2.05 incorporated features from TOS 3.05 to harmonize the two. AKA "Mega STE TOS".

The original 1.62 TOS is under the Floppy disk.

We will have to change W104 & W102 position.

Note that I have also shorted E06 for ebabling the Floppy High Density Support.

Later we will see what we can do with this thing onboard...

jeudi 16 juin 2011


Check out my lastest Amiga remix here :

Some Feedback:

 Dr Future shouts: Sorry, all I can say is - The usual, very good Gibs stuff. You know how to play!

 daXX shouts: How rock or metal should sound. You got it ;)

 Retro Freaks shouts: Cracking Remake! One of my all time retro favs!