mercredi 20 juillet 2011

Macintosh SE/30 Battery SOCKET REPLACEMENT

As you can see on the first picture, the battery socket is rusty and there are trace of leaking...

It’s hard to find those kind of battery and no backup of the time and settings is lame :-/

As far as I know, the battery was a 4,5V and what I would like to try is to put a CR3032 which is a 3,3V...But should be enough.

As you can see there was a little disaster...

On this picture, I have already cleaned the motherboard


dimanche 17 juillet 2011

RSE Music colly #1


Here it is, the RSE MUSIC COLLY #1 released at the Solskogen demo party in the Wild category, in which I did the 1st track which is a C64 remix called «Potwor 3» originaly composed by Longhair.

Enjoy this Windows production :)