jeudi 6 octobre 2011

STEVE JOBS 1955-2011

This is very sad, but as he said: «Stay Angry, stay foolish!». Show must go on.

Dj ASHBA™ : RIP - Steve Jobs was not only a visionary but a true genius. He was one of my biggest inspirations and always will be. God bless him, his family and friends and everyone at Apple Computers. You will truly be missed.

James Michael: i didn't realize that steve jobs passing would hit me so hard. this man defined our generation and changed the world forever. RIP Steve Jobs

Joe Satriani: R.I.P. Steve Jobs. I bet you're busy right now revolutionizing and redesigning the afterlife for all of us to enjoy when our time comes...

paparoach: RIP Steve Jobs. One of the greatest innovators and visionaries, ever.  (10.06.11)

Motorhead: There are many things I’d like to thank Steve Jobs for. Top three? My husband, my job, and my 80 year-old Dad’s love of Apple, that allows him to keep being creative and in touch with me, even though he is 3000 miles away.

RIP, Steve Jobs. You leave this world better than it was when you came into it.