mardi 27 novembre 2012


Check out my latest remix : Kavinsky «NightCall» poprock mix

jeudi 15 novembre 2012

Tiny launcher (CD32 environment)

I have made tutorial with a preconfigured environment to make a CD compilation for a stock CD32 allowing you to run most of the games that require 2MB to run. Check here.

jeudi 1 novembre 2012


Here we go again, after «Sweet» another collaboration with Mordi. This time, this is about Nintendo and the game «Donkey Kong Country».  The composer of this superb tune is David Wise and «A hint of blue» is one of the best remix of this tune you can hear on the Internet.

Mordi wanted me to play the guitar on it. His remix are known to be based on the expressions of the lead and I had to record it many time to reach what we wanted. Here is a video of me rehearsing.

And of course you can download the mp3 on Overclocked Remix.
Here are some comments...

«God ur good this mix has so many musically artistic elements in it tempo,gutairist riffs, superb drum patterns ah!!!!! Makes for good listening. Need mp3 of this God this is epic!!!!!!!!»

«Play this on my funeral»

«This so perfect and relaxing, awesome :D.»

«Wow, best remix of this song that I have heard thus far.»

«Why did I have a big smile in my face during the whole song?»
Dominitzk il y a 2 mois

«Just when I thought I heard all possible versions/remixes of Aquatic Ambiance, we get this one. Monkey Kong's "Dolphin Ride" is my favorite one of the bunch, but this one is very unique because it's actually "ambiance music". The vocalized parts and the electric guitar mid-track are truly awesome. Love the synth work as well.»

«It's so nostalgic, very good!»

«Very nice!! Best one this year!!»

«My God, love it! Instant favorite.»

«Epiiic. thx guyzz»


«The ultimate rendition of Aquatic Ambience is finally here.»

«This remix is fucking amazing.»
Benjamin Briggs

«My favourite DKC tune.»

«Amazing work. AMAZING <3<3333333»

«This song is just so perfect and wonderful in original form- and each remix I've heard just adds that really calm ethereal layer. Awesome!»

«Wooow, amazing work! The mix is super cohesive and warm. Great choice of synths and textures. And daaamn, that guitar!»

vendredi 19 octobre 2012


Here is the final version of my Amiga remix «Of Blood & Honor» From the game «Cannon Fodder». Originally this tittle has been composed by Richard Joseph (R.I.P), and is also known as «Recruitment music» or «Lost in Service».

mercredi 19 septembre 2012


I Quote : «For those who may have missed the events leading up to Gibs' banishment from EAB, here is a brief summary:

Gibs was banned for a month following repeated warnings about his sniping at JimNeray whenever a new version of his X-bEnCH launcher is released.

We cut him some slack because of his sterling work on Tiny Launcher, but he nevertheless carried on firing insults at JimNeray whenever the opportunity arose.

So, on the contrary, it is Gibs who has caused all the embarrasing incidents and who needs to get over himself.

Let's hope he's more focussed when he returns.» By Prowler.

Well it seems that even Prowler has missed the events leading up to my banishment...oh excuse me Prowler, but... I haven’t been banished because of insults at JimNeray like you are saying...(First, restore a message of me insulting JimNeray on the board if you find one)... Fortunately lot of members have read that **I quit** the board... And then...AFTER **I quit**...You have banned my nick so I can’t answer anymore to your accusations. Then when I told that I was going to answer you on my website, you have also removed my website link from my signature so nobody is going to read my answer. You're the king of misinformation.

If you have balls, RESTORE the whole story motherfucker, DO IT!. I know you won’t do it because you are just a fucking lier, I spit on your face and if you think that I’m going to come back on your board you can take a stick and put it deep in your ass.


jeudi 13 septembre 2012

My answer to EAB moderators

First, I never had any problem on this board with users with 900+ messages posted except with Jim Neray.

People on this board are interesting but 2 moderators are assholes. I'm talking about "Graham Humphrey" and "DemonHellraiser".

Those 2 assholes wants to  control everything on the board, they are judging you and they always want to have the last word. (It's not only about my story but many users like Cammy, Hungry Horace, and many more…)

So, to be honest I knew that Graham was an asshole but I never had any problem with him.

As I said, they writes what they think about you, and when you show that you're disagree (even being polite bringing arguments), they delete your messages: In my case, some members didn't wanted me to leave the board, and they wrote it on the thread: Well… Their opinion were not important and get deleted!

Moderators writes what they want about you, and they delete the messages that do not suit them.

They even delete their own messages because they are ashamed of what they wrote and don't want to be indexed by google as assholes.

Restore all messages Motherfuckers. Be honest with yourself. The truth is that I never BROKE ANY OF YOUR STUPID RULES.

When I gave as example that I haven't said (to Jim Neray) the half of what StingRay said to Cosmos, my message were immediately deleted.

What did I say to JIM ? I asked him to prove he used ASM language on Xbench to improve speed on small CPU and I told him that he has only copied Tiny Launcher without bringing the dozens of ideas he were talking about on

Assholes : Restore the messages fuckers and compare with what StingRay has said to Cosmos. As I told to you, your STUPID CHILDISH rules aren't the same for everybody.

Here, I'm the Moderator and you're going to understand how I threat those BASTARDS.

A small parenthesis. There's a member which is totally useless, he can judge you talk about your "pussy drama" or "childishness" or your "ego" but when I wrote: "@Graham and the 2 insignificant mods" it appear that his ego was even bigger than mine when I played the guy that don't even remember his name. He said "I'm not a mod, I'm a regular user!".

I know…don't worry Akira, I know! You want to play with me. I play with you. I know that you're not a mod.

You said that you're a regular user, but you forgot an adjective: You are a REGULAR MOD COCKSUCKER.

That's what you are, and people have noticed that, because they sent me mails about not paying attention to you. Take care of your own business Wanker!

It appears that even DEMONHELLRAISER has been hurt with the quote "2 insignificant mods" because a little time earlier he sent me a nice message in my mailbox but then he has literally change his mood. LOL.

Fucking assholes. You are living the night. Go and get a job instead of shit people with your bullshit. Ah yes, and try to delete this message… oh you can't ? try again ? you can't. Fuck you motherfuckers. For me (and for others dudes) you are only little shit. And I'm not talking in my name but in the name of the people that could not spread the word like I am doing now.

And don’t forget, you can’t broke me like you broke some members. I don’t care about your board and your services. It’s nothing. You can’t hit me because I’m not only focused in one thing. I have many passions assholes.

Readers ? You know what ? When I told them that I was tired of them deleting my messages and that I was going to answer them in my website: they have banned me and DELETED MY SIGNATURE so you can't read that.

But unfortunately for them, this is going to be in the next Tiny Launcher release, with all screen caps of the forum.

Tiny Launchers users, thank you for all your emails and support, thanks to the ones that had balls to write in the thread (Emuola, Olesio…) Thank you very much. Tiny Launcher development continue. I don’t need the board to continue.

Oh yeah, and the «Amiga Future» founder has spent his time with me at the Revision #1 demoparty. He would have not if I was what you describe ;) SUCKERS !


vendredi 8 juin 2012

Indivision AGA MKII : How I got rid of my glitches

The indivision AGA MKII is a flicker fixer for Amiga 1200/4000/CD32.

Some new drivers have been coded for this board allowing the Amiga to reach some incredible resolution such as 720P. As we have never experienced those high resolution before the release of those drivers [Lisa (the AGA chipset) is pushed to its limits], it appears that some motherboards are showing some glitches.

I own 2 different Amiga 1200 boards (Rev 1D4 and Rev 1A).

Here is my experience with those new drivers.

The Amiga hardware is very old (20 YO), so it’s important to say that my 2 boards are recaped (capacitors changed) and that I use a recent PC PSU.

So I started with the Amiga 1200 Rev 1D4 with a Blizzard PPC accelerator (68060 at 50Mhz and 128MB of Fast Ram).

Here is the result :

You can notice the horizontal stripes and some glitches on the icons etc.
The first workaround I found, is software and it was using «fblit».

Some Amiga users have reported glitches before me and as «solder-Junkie» I was looking for the right Hardware fix for my issue.

The first thing was to add a 1K resistor like Jens Schoenfeld said:

Which I did...

But I had more glitches than before. The software workaround was still working.

Watch out: It seems that this fix is needed if you have vertical stripes (not my case).

I decided to keep it for now and try some new advices.

Jens Schoenfeld said : «Check E127R (might have to be replaced with a ferrite) and E127C (might have to be removed), but also the usual suspects E123C and E125C that may have to be removed for proper accelerator operation.»

Which I did :

But now the software workaround isn’t working anymore.

So I have decided to remove the 1K resistor (then fblit was efficient again), and leave the board as this for the moment. So at this stage it was a total failure !
>>So I decided to move on and I took the Amiga 1200 Rev 1.A motherboard.

This board was unmodified (only recaped), I put the Blizzard PPC with the 128MB of RAM on it and so the Indivision AGA MkII.

The result was exactly the same (same as my first video).

I was sounding weird to me. Two different boards showing exactly the same glitches.
I would have accepted it I had a different result as Amiga users were reporting different kind of glitches.

So I let the Amiga like that for the moment for doing something I wanted to do since a long time ago : upgrading my Blizzard 1260 with a 68060RC50 (71E41J). This CPU was also the one socketed on my Blizzard PPC.

And of course, when you finish this kind of work, you want to test if it works. So I took the 128MB I used before (on the Blizzard PPC) and put the Blizzard 1260@66MHz on the Amiga 1200 Rev 1.A.

The Amiga was starting, and BINGO...


Interesting eh? I let the Amiga runing 9 hours without having any crash/glitches.
Well...Let’s try with the Rev 1D4 (remember, I kept the board modded).

So, this is how I got rid of my glitches. I seems that the Blizzard 1260 is a pretty good accelerator that works with all kind of board revision without putting the solder iron on the Amiga.
Any doubts about it ? Well... One of the only video that has been posted so far without glitches has been posted by Fitzsteve and...What did he used ? A blizzard 1260@75Mhz.

My advice is : Install your own minimal workbench environment, put the monitor driver and try without the accelerator. Then report.

Now, lolof/EAB has reported glitches after 30 minutes of MP3 with AmigaAMP in 1024x768/64 colours with his Blizzard 1260@66Mhz on his 1D4 rev... Well here is a video in 720P/128 Colours playing mp3 for 45 Minutes without glitches...

mardi 17 avril 2012

Slash Soli (Guitar Covers)

Sometimes it’s cool to do some guitar covers. So I have done 2 covers of my favorite guitar player: Slash.

dimanche 8 avril 2012


I have started to play with a:

CBS Colecovision, ZX81, ZX Spectrum+, Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC 464.

The Atari STf AKA the «Jackintosh» was my first computer with a floppy drive, my first WIMP and also my first 16/32 bit computer. I had great time with it. It was magical. This has been possible because Jack Tramiel wanted to build computers «for the masses, not for the classes». Thank you Jack.

samedi 28 janvier 2012


I have been awarded as Remixer Of The Year for my collaboration with daXX on the Amiga «LOTUS 3» remix in which I did the guitars... Thank you daXX for this great remix.

More information on the link below:

dimanche 8 janvier 2012


Here is a screenshot of my Amiga 1200 Workbench desktop. Just for sharing.

It’s just an Amiga 1200 with a Blizzard 1260 (AGA, no RTG)

Does it look like a 20 years old computer ?

mardi 3 janvier 2012


«Wakeman» an Amiga remixer and Retro-computer freak has passed away.

He was a good musician but a really nice guy.

You can listen to his music here:

and here: