samedi 13 décembre 2014

4 Amiga Remastered Tracks

Here are 4 great Amiga tracks that I have remastered.
Enjoy the new quality of the tracks, It’s not like if I have just added some reverb like some stupid guys are doing, I did a real treatment of the original sounds. Michael GIBS.

dimanche 23 novembre 2014

Double Dragon Amiga Music Making Of

Here is the music I made for Double Dragon Rearmed on CBM Amiga.

Michael GIBS

mardi 18 novembre 2014

Double Dragon ReArmed for Amiga

Don’t forget to check the work in progress of my Double Dragon Remake. So far, there are 4 episodes.

mardi 11 novembre 2014

«Comet Day» Remix By Michael GIBS

Here is another remix of a wonderful track composed by YERZMYEY on ZX Spectrum... Follow the HashTag to listen to his music.


I was watching some ZX Spectrum demos and fell in love with this amazing track. Looking for the software used to create this track I found Sample Tracker and the Yerzmyey website. I sent him a message to know if it was an original Zx Spectrum tune or a port because I wanted it in 16bit (The original is 4bit). The original track was composed using Sample Tracker, so I had to create the 16bit track. Enjoy.

MegaLoler : "It was amazing from the very first second"

SketchMan3 : "Wow nice"

YERZMYEY : "Hahaha, it rulezzzzzzzz, dude!!! :)"

Lamer Pinky : "Woooooow yeah !!! Nice ride !!!!"

samedi 8 novembre 2014


You can listen to my Turrican remix, but here are what some people thinking of it :

Büke Beyond : «Awesome! Love the guitars and the Guns n' Roses touch!»

Zalex : «Du très bon son. Merci Maitre Gibs»

Chris Huelsbeck : «Good ideas there, very nice guitar work, but I feel the mix could be improved. Overall, I like it though...»

dimanche 2 novembre 2014

Graham Humphrey : Douchebag!

It’s not my words.
Somebody sent me those screenshots (thanks).

Fred, I don’t know you but you had the same attitude than me... and many others...


dimanche 19 octobre 2014

Network issues after Yosemite upgrade

entry has nothing to do with my usual tickets, but as I didn’t found any solution on the Internet, here is the solution if after the Yosemite upgrade, internet is not working anymore.
In fact this is a DNS issue... Name servers aren’t resolved anymore. So what I did is to delete /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ which is not used anymore in Yosemite. If you don’t want to delete it, just move it in your desktop or somewhere else.

Example, on with the Terminal: mv /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ /Users/MyUserName/Desktop

mardi 30 septembre 2014

TinyLauncher 3b04-18RI

With the help of Ricardo Iglesias, I have fixed the I/O error bug that some users encountered.

You can download the new executable as usually here:


mercredi 10 septembre 2014

Fixing Time

You are probably wondering what I’m actually doing...
Well... I’m fixing 2 of my ZX SPECTRUM... Why 2 ? Because last weekend I wanted to use one of them, and it fried, so I have used the other one (which is my diagnostic board, all IC are mounted in sockets) to test which component were fried, and it fried too... The reason ? The PSU... Unfortunately the original PSU was delivering 16.5v, I noticed that too late. The original regulator accept 9-12v... But I didn’t had the original one, I had the RECOM mounted and it accept up to 18V as input. So ? So... the 5v was good, but the 12v was really bad... one transistor has fried, and the RAM modules went hot... I’m actually unsoldering everything on my second board while waiting for the transistors...Then I will check my RAM as soon I have one working (no garbage screen...). Want to see a big picture ?

Then, you have probably seen that AmigaFuture have decided to review Donkey Downfall... The 1st page of the test is available here , I’m waiting to read the 2nd page, but I expect the worse ! But as I said «They need me more than I need them». You know, when you tell to somebody «you are not authorised to distribute my software» why are they still talking about my me ? Probably because they have nothing better to fill their mag. I bet they are going to compare Donkey Downfall with Downfall now... but as I have explained on Amiga Impact, I have been pushed by 4play/Resistance to release it for the Solskogen even if it wasn’t finished (you can ask him, there are no secrets). 4play wanted me to release also Snaky, just to say ! Donkey Downfall is not a 1.0, it’s a «Party Version»: there is no end. Remember, that the «Party Version» only use 70% of the resources of an Amiga 500. Want a proof ? Want me to do a video showing where the VBL is ? Ahahah So I can add many things (bananas, birds... etc) and of course the game is in 5 bit-planes (32 colors without the copper gradient)...

So, I wish to update Tiny Launcher, Donkey Downfall, release Snaky, and more ;-) ... But now I going back to fix my 1st love... Thank you all for your support.

mercredi 30 juillet 2014

They have banned Gunnar

A few month ago I received a mail from a well know EAB active member of the Amiga community.

He gave me this link :

And yes, it’s real...they have banned Gunnar.

TCD a moderator from EAB, the English Amiga Board, has banned Gunnar... The Cyber Druid has banned Gunnar.

Le druide de mes couilles... serieux !

Who is Gunnar ? I knew Gunnar from his interesting threads in others forum, what I know from him is that he is a talented ASM programmer and really good electronician.

So, this clown, this lier, this hypocrite «TCD» has banned Gunnar and of course it was unfair...

READ ! Everybody is saying that it was unfair, even known people from the Amiga community and then... then... as usual... as usual... A cocksucker arrive, his name ?  «Prowler» and of course he said TCD was right.

From my point of view, when Gunnar’s was talking about the  «Shitty Community» he was not talking about the community (because there are good people on EAB) but about the same peoples... And because «Shitty Community» was directed to TCD that TCD has banned him.
Why ? Because TCD has provocated him. (just read!)

If you look here: it’s exactly the same movie.

And same movie when they banned me:

Hey PROWLER, this is for you and your friend TCD.
Suck it bitches !

No, No, I don’t want to come back in your shitty world.

Gunnar, don’t get back on this forum until they change those shitty moderators :-) BTW you rock dude they are jealous because you are talented and you have a beautiful wife... They just have their hands to sleep with. ahahah.


How to EASILY build a VGA to SCART cable for the MINIMIG.

This is the easy way to create this kind of cable as you only need to solder 6 wires.

You need:

-A standard VGA to VGA PC cable.
-A Male Scart connector

Cut the VGA cable (the size you want).

Here are the wires you need to keep:


You can remove all the others.

Now here is the SCART connector :

Solder the RED to 15

Solder the GREEN to 11

Solder the BLUE to 7

Solder the TRANSPARENT to 20

Solder the WHITE to 16

Don’t forget to solder the GROUND of the VGA cable to 21.

You are now ready to enjoy the Minimig on your 15KHz monitor. (Don’t forget to change the jumper position on the Minimig).


samedi 12 juillet 2014

Donkey Downfall

Donkey Downfall for Amiga is a game, based upon homebrew title for the Atari Jaguar, which itself was inspired by an Atari 2600 game called Man Goes Down. As you will have gathered, it's a very simple platform affair but one based on falling, rather than jumping. As the platforms scroll up, your task is to stay on the screen without getting squished at the top, or falling to your doom at the bottom.

Note: 1st attempt to port this kind of game on the Amiga has been done by Graham Humphrey, but unfortunately it doesn’t do justice to the Amiga as it looked like a C64 game without SID and the video chipset of the Atari ST.

As the game run in 1VBL on Amiga 500 *EVEN UNCOMPILED* you can expect more stuff coming…

lundi 23 juin 2014

Amiga 500: Error 103

This Amiga had a problem. I was impossible to launch anything. I got an error 103 everytime. Memtest was failing and the Agnus socket was broken.

The board unpopulated

Waiting for the new socket :)

I also put some socket for the RAM modules...

The capacitors had also leaked...

After a clean up, the new 1300uF capacitors are back :)

Agnus, back in town.

And one of the filter capacitors RAM module has never been soldered :) Board made in Hong Kong...

And voilà, it runs perfectly...

dimanche 25 mai 2014


I got interviewed by Retrogamer Magazine, so don’t miss the latest issue !

Amiga Flappy Bird is also in the cover of the shitty Amiga Future #108.

samedi 26 avril 2014

TinyLauncher 3 beta

Finally, TinyLauncher beta 3 is here for download and testing. Check out the video below.

Thanks to the beta testers. In overall, the feedback is not that bad. We had some Tooltypes issues which have been fixed and some others that I will explain here in the TinyLauncher dedicated page.

vendredi 4 avril 2014

Flappy Bird "The company"

The Company has released a one-click-to-go version of Amiga Flappy Bird for Windows users. You can download the stuff here.

mardi 1 avril 2014

Flappy Bird reviewed by Amiga-Portugal

Here is a Flappy Bird review that I have discovered today done by Amiga Portugal.

Altrought I have lot of Portugese friends, I don’t speak Portugese. Caraleo !

vendredi 7 mars 2014

Flappy Bird Amiga


Flappy Bird, the famous game of 2013/2014 is now on Commodore Amiga. You can download it on Aminet.

dimanche 12 janvier 2014


"Hey Gibs

Joanie here from Foxe Basin! I wanted to thank you for your remix of Get It Together. It was awesome hearing your ideas and getting a fresh perspective on the track. This was a super difficult choice to make and I wish there was a way to send you a cake and give you very public honorable mention for the time, innovation and style you gave this submission. Please stay in touch; we'll be following your work!

virtual handshake/high five,

Foxe Basin"