mercredi 30 juillet 2014

They have banned Gunnar

A few month ago I received a mail from a well know EAB active member of the Amiga community.

He gave me this link :

And yes, it’s real...they have banned Gunnar.

TCD a moderator from EAB, the English Amiga Board, has banned Gunnar... The Cyber Druid has banned Gunnar.

Le druide de mes couilles... serieux !

Who is Gunnar ? I knew Gunnar from his interesting threads in others forum, what I know from him is that he is a talented ASM programmer and really good electronician.

So, this clown, this lier, this hypocrite «TCD» has banned Gunnar and of course it was unfair...

READ ! Everybody is saying that it was unfair, even known people from the Amiga community and then... then... as usual... as usual... A cocksucker arrive, his name ?  «Prowler» and of course he said TCD was right.

From my point of view, when Gunnar’s was talking about the  «Shitty Community» he was not talking about the community (because there are good people on EAB) but about the same peoples... And because «Shitty Community» was directed to TCD that TCD has banned him.
Why ? Because TCD has provocated him. (just read!)

If you look here: it’s exactly the same movie.

And same movie when they banned me:

Hey PROWLER, this is for you and your friend TCD.
Suck it bitches !

No, No, I don’t want to come back in your shitty world.

Gunnar, don’t get back on this forum until they change those shitty moderators :-) BTW you rock dude they are jealous because you are talented and you have a beautiful wife... They just have their hands to sleep with. ahahah.


How to EASILY build a VGA to SCART cable for the MINIMIG.

This is the easy way to create this kind of cable as you only need to solder 6 wires.

You need:

-A standard VGA to VGA PC cable.
-A Male Scart connector

Cut the VGA cable (the size you want).

Here are the wires you need to keep:


You can remove all the others.

Now here is the SCART connector :

Solder the RED to 15

Solder the GREEN to 11

Solder the BLUE to 7

Solder the TRANSPARENT to 20

Solder the WHITE to 16

Don’t forget to solder the GROUND of the VGA cable to 21.

You are now ready to enjoy the Minimig on your 15KHz monitor. (Don’t forget to change the jumper position on the Minimig).


samedi 12 juillet 2014

Donkey Downfall

Donkey Downfall for Amiga is a game, based upon homebrew title for the Atari Jaguar, which itself was inspired by an Atari 2600 game called Man Goes Down. As you will have gathered, it's a very simple platform affair but one based on falling, rather than jumping. As the platforms scroll up, your task is to stay on the screen without getting squished at the top, or falling to your doom at the bottom.

Note: 1st attempt to port this kind of game on the Amiga has been done by Graham Humphrey, but unfortunately it doesn’t do justice to the Amiga as it looked like a C64 game without SID and the video chipset of the Atari ST.

As the game run in 1VBL on Amiga 500 *EVEN UNCOMPILED* you can expect more stuff coming…