mardi 30 septembre 2014

TinyLauncher 3b04-18RI

With the help of Ricardo Iglesias, I have fixed the I/O error bug that some users encountered.

You can download the new executable as usually here:


mercredi 10 septembre 2014

Fixing Time

You are probably wondering what I’m actually doing...
Well... I’m fixing 2 of my ZX SPECTRUM... Why 2 ? Because last weekend I wanted to use one of them, and it fried, so I have used the other one (which is my diagnostic board, all IC are mounted in sockets) to test which component were fried, and it fried too... The reason ? The PSU... Unfortunately the original PSU was delivering 16.5v, I noticed that too late. The original regulator accept 9-12v... But I didn’t had the original one, I had the RECOM mounted and it accept up to 18V as input. So ? So... the 5v was good, but the 12v was really bad... one transistor has fried, and the RAM modules went hot... I’m actually unsoldering everything on my second board while waiting for the transistors...Then I will check my RAM as soon I have one working (no garbage screen...). Want to see a big picture ?

Then, you have probably seen that AmigaFuture have decided to review Donkey Downfall... The 1st page of the test is available here , I’m waiting to read the 2nd page, but I expect the worse ! But as I said «They need me more than I need them». You know, when you tell to somebody «you are not authorised to distribute my software» why are they still talking about my me ? Probably because they have nothing better to fill their mag. I bet they are going to compare Donkey Downfall with Downfall now... but as I have explained on Amiga Impact, I have been pushed by 4play/Resistance to release it for the Solskogen even if it wasn’t finished (you can ask him, there are no secrets). 4play wanted me to release also Snaky, just to say ! Donkey Downfall is not a 1.0, it’s a «Party Version»: there is no end. Remember, that the «Party Version» only use 70% of the resources of an Amiga 500. Want a proof ? Want me to do a video showing where the VBL is ? Ahahah So I can add many things (bananas, birds... etc) and of course the game is in 5 bit-planes (32 colors without the copper gradient)...

So, I wish to update Tiny Launcher, Donkey Downfall, release Snaky, and more ;-) ... But now I going back to fix my 1st love... Thank you all for your support.