dimanche 23 novembre 2014

Double Dragon Amiga Music Making Of

Here is the music I made for Double Dragon Rearmed on CBM Amiga.

Michael GIBS

mardi 18 novembre 2014

Double Dragon ReArmed for Amiga

Don’t forget to check the work in progress of my Double Dragon Remake. So far, there are 4 episodes.

mardi 11 novembre 2014

«Comet Day» Remix By Michael GIBS

Here is another remix of a wonderful track composed by YERZMYEY on ZX Spectrum... Follow the HashTag to listen to his music.


I was watching some ZX Spectrum demos and fell in love with this amazing track. Looking for the software used to create this track I found Sample Tracker and the Yerzmyey website. I sent him a message to know if it was an original Zx Spectrum tune or a port because I wanted it in 16bit (The original is 4bit). The original track was composed using Sample Tracker, so I had to create the 16bit track. Enjoy.

MegaLoler : "It was amazing from the very first second"

SketchMan3 : "Wow nice"

YERZMYEY : "Hahaha, it rulezzzzzzzz, dude!!! :)"

Lamer Pinky : "Woooooow yeah !!! Nice ride !!!!"

samedi 8 novembre 2014


You can listen to my Turrican remix, but here are what some people thinking of it :

Büke Beyond : «Awesome! Love the guitars and the Guns n' Roses touch!»

Zalex : «Du très bon son. Merci Maitre Gibs»

Chris Huelsbeck : «Good ideas there, very nice guitar work, but I feel the mix could be improved. Overall, I like it though...»

dimanche 2 novembre 2014

Graham Humphrey : Douchebag!

It’s not my words.
Somebody sent me those screenshots (thanks).

Fred, I don’t know you but you had the same attitude than me... and many others...