jeudi 14 juillet 2016

How to convert mod a SNES PAL RGB video cable into a SUPER FAMICOM RGB video cable easily and with no special tools

Hello Guyz,

Official SNES / SUPER FAMICOM RGB video cables are expensive nowdays (50€ to 90€ on eBay).

Here is a simple tutorial to modify a cheap PAL RGB for SNES PAL purchased on Amazon for 5€ into a SUPER FAMICOM one.

Putitng the PAL video cable with no modification was like colors were washed out, terrible, you just wanted to kick your SUPER FAMICOM. (Sorry I have not taken pics before).

This is my tutorial, it has not been stolen on the web, I did it because I read people purchasing GAMECUBE NTSC cables for 15GBP in order to fix the issue. Just want to share with you.

So, all you need is this tool:

And you need to cut the 3 resistors on the RGB wires (RED, GREEN,BLUE wires) I put a paper under to make it clear :

You can cut one leg of the resistors or remove them completely.

You will get, a perfect, I repeat PERFECT video quality then.
I am very exigent guy believe me.


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  1. hi can you explain to me how to ? with an official cable super nintendo pal EU for put in my super famicom beacause have a little pcb in