dimanche 17 décembre 2017

OSX: How to run multiple instance of a program.

That simple, if you wish to run multiple instances of a program (impossible with some apps), open the terminal and type:

open -n -a "AppName"


samedi 16 décembre 2017

OSX : How to stop iTunes from trying to connect to the appstore?

If you are annoyed by multiple attempts to connect to the store (I had 8-10 each times):

Just delete:

samedi 15 avril 2017

Tiny Launcher 3.3 is out & New announcement !

- Plays mods from an assigned path
- Free from external library
- Scan from SysConfig & route the user if no database is found.
- F5 to refresh/sort your favorites items
- Covers directory is now settable.
- Covers on-demand (with 'C' key).
- Code optimisation.